Comerio Ercole Presenting Calender Technologies


At SINCE, the company is discussing a new ADL technology that will be out next year

According to Roberto Marcora, Comerio Ercole has had a presence in China since the very beginning of SINCE, and ever since then, the company has presented at the trade show every year. “We have lot of calenders running in this market,” Marcora, the area sales manager of the Nonwovens/Textile Division of Comerio Ercole says.

“This time, we are presenting our special calender here, which features a wide width for the geotextile industry. We also have different calenders for each kind of nonwoven technology, such as spunbonding, thermal bonding, laminating, embossing, etc.," he says. For example, a special thermal bonding calendar for thermal bonding nonwovens is arranged with one spare roll ready to be switched, and drastically reduces the time for roll changing set up, he adds.

According to Mr. Marcora, the nonwovens market in China is over capacity today, so customers need new ideas and solutions, which the company can contribute to. “We have very good technical ideas, like three-dimensional embossing, which is quite popular in hygiene nonwovens. We also offer a lot of embossing patterns, which can be provided according to customers’ needs,” he says.

When talking about innovation, Mr. Marcora says, “We have a new design pattern, a new technology specially made for ADL. It is at the final stage and will be launched next February and will change dramatically the use of ADL in the market by improving the capacity of the passing of the fluid.”