CB Packaging Focuses on Increasing Flexibility


Machinery manufacturer says hygiene market is growing in all sectors

CB Packaging is concentrating on improving its machine’s flexibility, to help customers worldwide use the machine as easy as possible, with user friendly features.

“We have reduced downtime caused by product changeovers, because the market wants to change product form more frequently. Our machine provides the flexibility and is easy and fast to changeover. The only work is to clean the machine and change one or two parts, and the work can be done in less than 10 minutes,” says Marco Assandri, sales manager, CB Packaging-A.P.I.S.R.L.

The market is growing very fast in all sectors, he says, especially for the baby diapers sector, which has the biggest number of machines installed every year. The company opened an office here in Beijing in 2014 to take care of the local customers' needs, provide local services, and to increase sales in Southeast Asia and China.

“In the last three years, we have increased our sales 77% in this market while we increased about 10% in Italy, so we are very satisfied. We increased a lot of sales in the U.S. market. We see a lot of increasing sales for under pad machines and incontinece pad machines, and for the next one to two years, we expect the market will continue to increase in all these products, especially diaper and incontinece pad machines in Europe and the Middle East, for baby diapers for Southeast Asia, as well as all of the products in South America and North America," Assandri says.

He adds, "We will incorporate new features in our packaging machine, include the possibility to have different packaging appearance, such as vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, rotating the products 90 degrees, with double roll, three rolls and four rolls. In 2018, we will launch a new packaging machine for baby diapers and other diaper packaging with 20-30% higher machine speed, but without comprising the flexibility."