US Pacific Nonwovens to Display PLA Spunbond


Company will feature MySILK substrate at booth

Hong Kong-based US Pacific Nonwovens corporation will exhibit its exciting new line of PLA-based spunbonded fabrics at SINCE 2017 in Shanghai, November 7-10, 2018. PLA is a compostable material made from cornstarch. It is both uniquely strong, and bio-friendly, and can be formed efficiently into rolls like any other nonwoven. 

US/Pacific has implemented significant capacity this year using raw material Ingeo from Nature Works LLC in the U.S. The usable production width is 2.4 meters, with weight ranges from 15 to 150 gsm. Annual capacity is 3000 metrics tons with a second installation to come soon. Applications suitable for PLA spunbond include apparel, hygiene, wipes, medical, and industrial.

In particular, the manufacturer will feature a line of natural, skin-friendly child-wear - MySILK  - that uses the unique, skin-matching pH value of PLA to provide maximum comfort. US Pacific will also showcase its partnership with Dalian Hulaun Nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd. for spunbonding machinery, and is also the distributor for Ingeo in Asia (excluding Thailand).