Elsner Discusses Technology for Canister Wipes Market


Company exhibiting ENR-G3 concept

At SINCE, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. (Booth 1A23) will discuss the design and build of their next generation rewinder targeted for the canister wipes market. The Elsner ENR-G3 takes the industry leading ENR-1000 concept and experience a big step forward.  

With increases in speed, cycle rate and finished roll size, the G3 will give converters a boost in production and capability. With feedback from customers using the existing model, Elsner’s team of engineers focused on the key points that were commonly heard.  

The move to 700 feet per minute web speed is where converters will see immediate gains. A 75% gain is going to keep downstream equipment very busy. The 12” finished diameter increase (up from 10” on the previous model) gives their customers greater range in the growing ‘gym wipe’ and other large roll sector. Each machine will include access to the Elsner IIOT app for real time data analysis, production feedback and trend monitoring. In addition, the app has embedded manuals, maintenance alerts, contact forms and other functionality.