Comexi: Solvent-Free EB offset Inks Reduce Environmental Impact


Comexi is specialized in developing and manufacturing flexible packaging printing equipment, including flexographic printing, offset printing, laminating, slitting and rewinding machines. It operates four production facilities and manages more than 100 distributors in different parts of the world.  The eight to 10 color satellite flexographic printing machine from COMEXI features precision, efficient, energy saving and high quality advantages.

The key product presented at the trade show is Comexi CI8. By combining flexographic printing and traditional offset printing technologies, the innovative machine meets customers’ short time delivery demands on flexible packaging printing while cut cost per print. The application of solvent free EB offset inks also enables the machine to reduce environmental impact and becomes the ideal choice in the market.

Comexi develops series solutions to address the more and more stringent environment regulations. The performance of the company  is good and even out of expectation, according to Kitty Luo, Comexi Group.