The BST Group to Showcase Several Highlights for Quality Control


reliable solutions for web guiding to be on display

The BST Group, especially BST eltromat International, BST eltromat Japan, BST eltromat Shanghai and BXD, an agent of BST eltromat Shanghai, will  present several highlights for quality assurance systems for the nonwoven industry at ANEX this week in Tokyo. The company will show reliable solutions and products for web guiding and 100% inspection. Of course, visitors can also learn more about the other product segments: register control, web monitoring, color measurement, surface inspection, color management, workflow, automation, thickness measurement and basis weight measurement.

The product sector web guiding will be in the focus at the BST eltromat booth. The company’s customers can select among different web guiding systems based on their technical and economic requirements for cutting or converting nonwoven materials. They can choose among eco, basic and high-end solutions that can be easily adjusted to specific tasks upon request. BST eltromat’s portfolio for web guiding in the nonwoven industry e.g. includes various web edge sensors, actuators, guiding devices, controllers and coatings for the guide rollers. This enables BST eltromat to cover the enormous range of materials processed in this market. In Tokyo, visitors can see a demo machine with a running web equipped with different web guiding systems and components: the CompactGuide with WideArray sensor, and the Chinese BasicGuide with infrared sensor IR 2011.

By its controller, the CompactGuide is very easy to use, which is the crucial factor for all operators. The intuitive operation is constructed in a logical way, and the operators can see at a glance whether the materials are being controlled accurately. The use of WideArray sensors from BST eltromat’s subsidiary AccuWeb is very common in the nonwoven industry. Due to their large measurement area, these tried-and-tested, wear-free and thus maintenance-free web edge sensors do not need to be mechanically adjusted or aligned when used with varying web widths. During operation, they automatically compensate for environmental influences such as dust pollution or temperature fluctuation. The BasicGuide is also in use in the nonwoven industry. It is a particularly powerful, cost-efficient and compact guiding device that can be quickly and easily put into operation via the plug-and-play function, just like the CompactGuide guiding device. Further components, such as the controller ekr 500 digital and other WideArray sensors, will also be presented at the booth.