Mogul to Exhbit at ANEX


Innovative and high-performance products target range of markets

Mogul Nonwovens is a Turkish-based international nonwoven roll good manufacturer, with four facilities in Turkey and the U.S., and ranked in global top 40 nonwovens companies by Nonwovens Industry Magazine. Mogul is exporting majority of its capacity to more than 53 countries in 4 continents on a global basis, with consistent quality, cost-effective solution, and satisfactory service.  Major markets we serve include air/liquid filtration, wet/dry wipes, automotive, bedding, artificial leather, facial mask, hygiene, dryer sheet, outdoor/sport wear, and spill control.

At ANEX, Mogul will showcase its new innovative and high-performance products in the ANEX 2018, particularly the brand-new Madaline.  These products are suitable to meet the current environmental concern, automotive material selection challenge, growing population, and rising living standard in the Asian countries.  Aggressive business growth in Asian region is one of the focuses in the Mogul business strategy.

Products include:
·      Madaline® Bi-component Microfilament Hydro-entangled.  Suitable for anti-mite home textile, outdoor/sport wear, artificial leather, facial mask, dry wipe, precision packaging, automotive headliner/acoustics, graphic design, and other applications.
·      Buffalo® Bi-component (PET/CoPET) Spunbond (Core-and-sheath Round and Tipped-trilobal Shaped Filament).  Suitable for air/liquid filtration, automotive, PTFE lamination, dryer sheet applications, and other applications.
·      Mopet® 100% PET Spunbond (Round and Trilobal Shaped Filament).  Suitable for air/liquid filtration, automotive, dryer sheet, and other applications.
·      Durell® Cross-lapped Spunlace, with optional value-added chemical treatment.  Suitable for artificial leather, facial mask, automotive headliner/interior, dry wipe, medical bandage, and other applications.
·      Aqualace®Parallel-laid Spunlace.  It is a globally recognized premium product in the wet wipe industry, and favored by customers in American, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
·      Ultrasorb®PP Meltblown and Composite.  A cost-effective solution for oil/chemical spill control such as in ocean/river port, oil field, petroleum industrial, machine maintenance/cleaning, automotive assembly line, and other applications.