Berry to Discuss Investments at ANEX


Nonwovens producer is expanding Chinese operations

Berry Global will host events and briefings in line with its mission of Always Advancing to Protect What's Important, at ANEX 2018. These include information regarding its purchase of a state-of-the-art Reicofil R5 asset for Asia as well as announcements on breakthroughs in nonwoven and film materials such as its acquisiton of Clopay Plastics Products Company and its manufacturing site in China.

Berry director of product marketing Ying Zhang will deliver a technical talk on Trends and New Technologies for Healthcare Nonwoven Aplications and other briefings on Berry materials used in baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence items, surgical gowns, drapes, CSR wraps, high specification filtration and wipes will be held.

David Parks, Berry Executive Vice President for Global Marketing, Strategy & Innovation, said, “We are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming ANEX event. We’ve never had a more exciting portfolio at our disposal to help create value for our customers. Asia is a growing market for our specialty materials and a key focus for the Berry team worldwide. Many market leaders have inquired about our forthcoming RF5 capabilities in the region, and this show gives us a great opportunity to continue those conversations face-to-face. As always this expo provides an important venue to brief attendees on our advances in quality and innovation.