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  • Diaper, Baby
    The Private Label Market

    The Private Label Market

    E-commerce and subscription models level the playing field in diapers while new entries continue to join the market.
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 01.04.19

  • Retail Chains May Provide Competition to Personal Care Manufacturers

    Retail Chains May Provide Competition to Personal Care Manufacturers

    Global producers of nonwoven-based personal care products may face serious competition from retailers during the next several years, due to retailers’ plans to significantly increase their private label product offerings, according to predictio…
    Eugene Gerden, Russia Correspondent 10.08.18

  • Who Has The Power?

    Over the past decade, the growing influence of online retailers, subscription services and other new sales channels have changed the dynamic between retailers and consumers. The internet has given both sides of the relationship more tools in both tra…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 04.05.18

  • Western Europe | Wipes

    Retailers Rely On Private Label

    The days of the no frills aisle are over. The bland white and black packaging once used by retailers for their store brands are gone. Today’s private label products are packaged in the same eye-catching, graphic-ridden, bright casings as their…
    Karen McIntyre, editor 01.05.16

  • Western Europe | Wipes

    Elements—Amazon’s Latest Dabble in Diapers

    Branching out into diapers is a good move for online retailer
    Ian Bell, Euromonitor International 12.12.14

  • Composite | Shows/Events | Wipes
    2012 PLMA: The Biggest Ever

    2012 PLMA: The Biggest Ever

    Exhibitors in food, non-food categories showcase their innovations to retailers at annual event.
    Susan Stansbury, Contributing Editor 01.07.13