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  • Omnova Launches Silicone-Free Hydrophilic Finishing Treatment

    Softwick offers higher levels of comfort and improved fluid management in hygiene, wipes and medical applications

  • Absorbent article

    An absorbent article comprising, in integral formation, at least, a rectangular liquid permeable top sheet, an absorbent element including an absorbent covered with a crepe paper, a rectangular water vapor permeable waterproof sheet, and a rectangula…

  • Fibers

    Hydrophilic Polypropylene Fibers Having Antimicrobial Activity

    Polypropylene fibers and devices that include a fatty acid monoglyceride added to the polypropylene as a melt additive are described in this recently issued patent. A hydrophilic enhancer material can be advantageously added to the polypropylene as a…

  • Fibers

    Techmer Buys BASF Unit

    Deal Includes Hydrophilic Melt Additives

  • Absorbent Core | Spunbond

    Absorbent article with displace element between backsheet and absorbent core

    An absorbent article has been patented. It includes a liquid-pervious topsheet, a light transmissive and liquid-impervious backsheet; a liquid-absorbent core interposed between the topsheet and the backsheet and an indicator disposed between the back…

  • Porous Biaxially Oriented High Density Polyethylene Film With Hydrophilic Properties

    A biaxially oriented film for ink jet printing was recently patented. The film is ink-absorbing and has a water-wettable surface. The film includes a porous high density polyethylene HDPE surface layer and a coating consisting essentially of a silico…

  • Hydrophilic polyester fiber and hydrophilic nonwoven fabric using the same and their production

    A patent has been issued for a hydrophilic polyester fiber comprising a polyester fiber and a coating on the fiber. The coating is made of a polyester-polyether block copolymer comprising a polyester component and a polyether component. There is also…

  • Hydrophilic In-Line Filters

    Qosina has added three hydrophilic in-line IV filters to its inventory.  These filters remove particles and microorganisms and have reliable air elimination. Each filter is comprised of a hydrophilic primary membrane composed of polyethersulfone…

  • Fibers

    Hydrophilic Softener

    Wacker has developed a new silicone softener emulsion for the hydrophilic finishing of textiles. The product, a self-dispersing concentrate, imparts not only outstanding absorbency and a very good hand, but also high stability in alkaline solutions a…