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  • Spunbond

    Nonwoven Fabrics Containing Yarns With Varying Filament Characteristics

    A spunbonded nonwoven fabric has been issued a patent. With an approximate basis weight of 7-250 grams per square meter, the material has a plurality of continuous filaments and an inserted yarn. The inserted yarn is made from the group consisting of…

  • Fibers | Meltblown | Spunbond

    The Nanoval process - Best for finefiber spunbonds

    Main features are the use of cold air at moderate pressure with robust equipment to produce fine filaments. The process is based on a different mechanism producing fine and finest filaments: one melt monofil splits up into a number (normally around 5…

  • India | Spunlace | Wipes

    Ginni Filaments Enters Indian Wipes Market

    Indian textile manufacturer Ginni Filaments has developed personal hygiene and beauty care products for children and women. Last year, the company announced its was constructing a spunlace manufacturing plant in Gujarat, India in an investment valued…

  • Velour-like pile articles and pile surface structures and methods of making

    An automotive pile article arranged as a preform for a pile surface mat has been patented. It is comprised of an elongated support strand that has a thermoplastic outer surface and a width and a height. The strand comprises a core of continuous glass…

  • Composite | Fibers

    High-Tenacity Multifilament Yarn

    Diolen Industrial Fibers is offering a high-tenacity multifilament made with Fortron polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), which is produced by Fortron Industries LLC, a joint venture of Ticona Engineering Polymers and Kureha Corporation. This high-performanc…