Herrmann Creates Mask Task Force


Ultrasonic technology is preferred in mask production

Herrmann Ultraschall has set up a mask task force to coordinate all efforts to supply ultraosnic welding technology for the production of face masks. Nine different mask types have been identified, says CEO Thomas Herrmann, ranging from simple face masks to complex 3D deep-drawn masks with breathing valves. The technological solutions range from simple intermittent manual welding to complex high-speed systems. The company offers products from standard machines and components to complex rotary ultrasonic welding modules to serve the different solutions. Special shifts have been added to meet the high demand in a timely manner. 

Ultrasonic welding is a preferred technology for the production of respiratory masks made of nonwovens and demand increases worldwide. Herrmann Ultraschall is receiving multiple inquiries from medical technology customers who are expanding their existing production capacities and from hygiene customers who are switching from diaper to mask production. Even companies from completely different sectors, such as the automotive industry, want to enter the market.


Since the majority of face masks still come from Asia, Herrmann Ultraschall also supports various European initiatives to shorten transport distances. These include the conversion of diaper machines including at the Ialian company Fippi in Milan, where high output figures of up to 900,000 masks per day can be achieved. Herrmann is also in discussion with the Reifenhäuser Group for mask production in Germany.