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45299 Spring Grove Road
Cincinnati, OH 45217
United States


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    • 50 Years of Nonwovens

      50 Years of Nonwovens

      In 1970 Disposable Soft Goods started covering a new industry focused on disposable markets. Today, the magazine, now known as Nonwovens Industry, continues to
      Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.12.20

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      Pampers Donates Over 200,000 Preemie Diapers

      Diaper brand partners with Canadian Premature Babies Foundation to donate diapers to Canada’s most vulnerable babies

    • Diaper, Baby | Green/Sustainability
      P&G Enhances Pampers Pure Diapers

      P&G Enhances Pampers Pure Diapers

      Plant-based liner now enriched with shea butter to help keep baby’s skin hydrated

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      Chinese Nonwovens Outlook

      Chinese Nonwovens Outlook

      As hygiene products continue to evolve in sophistication and design, nonwovens manufacturers continue to invest in new technologies
      Karen McIntyre, Editor 10.08.20