International Buyer's Guide

Mytrex Health Technologies, Inc.

Company Headquarters

545, Sec, 2, Hezun N. Rd.,
Zhongli District
Taoyuan, 32060

International Buyer's Guide

Additional Roll Products Information

    Plant Locations: Taiwan
    Fibers Used: Polyester
    Thickness: 0.5 - 1.0 mm
    Width: 56 - 60 inches (1400mm - 1525mm)
    Weight: 21 - 25 gsm
    Applications: Thermal insulation for apparel fillings, ASHRAE filter, mask and respirator filter, SMS and medical disposables, cabin air filter, HEPA filter, sound insulation, oil absorbents, liquid and dust collecting filter bag, disposable cartridge filter, wipes, c
    Sales Manager: Laury Lo
    Product Manager: