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Gelok International Corporation

Company Headquarters

20189 Pine Lake Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
United States

Company Description

Gelok International is a premier manufacturer of low-profile, superabsorbent laminates and airlaid that are designed to absorb aqueous fluids such as blood, exudate and urine. Applications include food tray packaging, medical packaging, spill control, personal hygiene, medical cleanup, wound dressings and filtration media for water removal.

International Buyers' Guide

Additional Roll Products Information

    Plant Locations: Dunbridge, Ohio
    Fibers Used: Binder
    Applications: ultrathin absorbent core
    Services: Development of specialty airlaid laminates
    Sales Manager: Steve Lazenby
    Product Manager: Steve Lazenby
    Brands: Gelok
    Brand 2: TotalCore

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