Mexico, 2002 - Entire Report

Mexico 2002

Entire Report

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Mexico, 2002

Market Overview


Figure 1

Mexican Nonwoven Roll Goods Market Outlook


Table 1

Outlook for Mexican Nonwoven Fabrics


Figure 2

2002 Mexican Long Life and Short Life Nonwovens


Short Life Applications


Figure 3

2002 Mexican Sales of Nonwoven Fabrics Used in Short Life Applications


Figure 4

Nonwoven Roll Goods Consumption Comparison


Table 2

Sale at Retail of Consumer Short life Nonwoven Products 1997-2007


Table 3

Profile of Mexican Absorbent Hygiene Products 1997-200


Table 4

Sales of Selected Short life Nonwoven Medical Products 1997-2007


Long Life Applications

Figure 5

2002 Mexican Sales of Nonwoven Fabrics Used in Long life Applications


Table 5

Automotive Applications for Coated/Laminated Fabrics


Nonwoven Production by Technology


Figure 6

2002 Production by Technology


Table 6

Outlook for Nonwoven Consumption by Nonwoven Technology


Primary Domestic Nonwovens Producers


Table 7

2002 Primary Nonwoven Producers in Mexico


Raw Material Consumption


Table 8

Spunlaid Resins and Staple Fibers Consumption in 2002






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