Asia Pacific-Market Environment

Asia Pacific, 2004 - 2009

Market Environment

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Asia Pacific Nonwoven Production 2004-2009

Market Environment


Figure 2 - 2003 East Asia Pacific Population in Selected Countries

This pie chart shows population in East Asian countries in 2003


Table 2 -  2003 - Key Demographic and Economic Data

This table estmates GNP and PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) between Asia Pacific nations


Figure 3 - 2004 Nonwoven Production by World Region

This pie chart estimates total global nonwoven production by region


Figure 4 - Nonwoven Growth Outlook by World Region

This bar chart estimates growth prospects for total global nonwoven production by region from 1994 - 2009


Figure 5 - Nonwoven Production Per Capita

This column chart estimates nonwoven production by capita across Asia Pacific nations





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