New Products

  • Die Cutting Systems

    Schober USA has introduced a new line of RSM Rotary Die Cutting Systems with integrated packaging lines for the production of cotton pads. The RSM line is ideal for the converting of cotton pads in round, square, rectangular or irregular shaped produ…

  • Acquisition Software

    The world’s leading machine vision software can now be used with any camera or image source. It’s now easier than ever to get started with a trial version of the VisionPro 5.0 software available for download from the new Cognex web site.…

  • Composite

    Odor-Control Technology

    Omniflex has added Natural Elements odor-control technology to its Transport family of waterproof-breathable bedding films. These new films provide many benefits when used as backings for top fabric layers in home, hospital, crib and hotel mattresses…

  • Inspection Software

    Cognex Corporation has added the Checker 232 model to its award-winning Checker vision sensor product line. Designed to inspect small features over a wide area, Checker 232 provides reliable inspection results on the fastest production lines, detecti…

  • Construction

    Savare Specialty Adhesives Produces Chemicals and Adhesives

    Savare Specialty Adhesives is a family-owned company that has produced high quality specialty chemicals and adhesives since 1924. The company was founded by the grandfather of Biagio Savare, the current president of the company. Dr. Savare represents…

  • Pneumatics Product Line

    The K-Tron Process Group has several additions to its feeder and premier pneumatics product line. K-Tron's new Micro Cone feeder, features a highly innovative screwless feeding mechanism that accurately doses free flowing color, masterbatch or additi…

  • Braille Application System

    Nordson Corporation's new Braille adhesive application system featuring gun technology is giving packagers a new cost-effective way to directly communicate important product information to visually impaired consumers. Launched in October, t…

  • Vision System

    Cognex's In-Sight Micro packs a complete vision system into a remarkably small package that measures just 30 mm x 30 mm x 60 mm. Together with the new, intuitive EasyBuilder configuration software and smart VisionView operator interface display, In-S…

  • Wipes

    Web Folding Machinery

    Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. has been named the exclusive sales representative for Wipcor S.r.l. based in Novara, Italy for North American and Mexican sales of the Wipcor product line. Elsner will also be marketing the Wipcor product line worldwid…

  • Fibers

    Silcone Softener

    Wacker, the Munich, Germany-based chemicals group, has developed a new silicone softener emulsion for textile finishing. The concentrate, marketed as Powersoft PE 150, is self-dispersing and designed for use in exhaust processes. High shear-resistanc…

  • Grinder

    The S6 Wheel Grinder from Schober USA allows customers to regrind their circular knives and lower cutting knives on site by themselves, thus saving time and transport costs as well as minimizing their inventory of knives. The S6 accommodates knives f…

  • Adhesives Conference

    The "Tape Innovation Days," on May 28- 29, 2008, in Maastricht, Germany, is a new, unique industry conference for self-adhesive tape manufacturers. It will be hosted by Mondi Coating & Release, one of the leading and innovative suppliers of silic…

  • Driver Configuration Software

    Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division has released a new drive configuration software package called Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite 2.02. It is available to customers free of charge at DSE Lite 2.02 is easy to use, with straightfo…

  • Rotary System

    One of the new developments in the nonwovens division of Herrmann is the Ultrasonic-Rotary-System with a 30 kHz rotating sonotrode. The sonotrode counter rotates to the anvil drum and continuously draws the web materials through a defined, closed-loo…

  • Olefin Block Copolymers

    The Dow Chemical Company has an­nounced the widespread availability of nine developmental olefin block copolymers (OBCs), which will be marketed as Infuse OBCs upon commercialization. Customers around the world can now purchase large-volume quant…

  • Roll Mover

    The new Big Wheel roll mover from Appleton Manufacturing is specifically designed to safely and conveniently move large rolls of tissue, toweling or other soft nonwoven materials without damaging outer layers. The battery-powered Big Wheel roll mover…

  • LaserSpeed Gauges

    BetaLaser Mike has received MID (Meas­uring Instrument Directive of the European Community), certification for its LaserSpeed gauges. The MID Laser­Speed non-contact length and speed measurement system uses a proven technology called Laser Do…

  • Biodegradable Packaging

    Sustainability is an absolute necessity for the leading businesses of today. Mondi has made a public commitment to integrating sustainable development into its business model. This includes the concept of product responsibility, which starts with the…

  • Airlaid

    Flow Divider

    Acrison International has unveiled a new device which will ensure consistent SAP flow rates even in the production of multi-level core products. Crucially, the adjustable flow divider, used for separating SAP streams into two smaller streams, maintai…

  • Apparel

    Dyeable Polypropylene

    BASF's Mooo dyeable polypropylene technology is a new coloration process for use in the textile and apparel industry. The Mooo fiber incorporates innovative ImPulse technology which allows fabrics to be color-dyed, something previously not possible w…