Nystat 50 Media Uses Cerex Nylon Spunbond


Media engineered to dissipate static charge

Cerex Advanced Fabrics was promoting its latest filtration media, Nystat 50, engineered to dissiptate static charge in hydraulic, fuel and oil filtration systems. Electrostatic discarge (ESD) is responsible for fluid degradation, varnishing and burning holes in filtration media, all of which result in downstream system damage. Using proprietary conductive technologies, Nystat 50 easily dissipates triboelectric charges that are naturally generated from petrochemical flow through synthetic media.

Nystat 50 media are engineered using Cerex nylon 6.6 spunbond fabrics offering superior strength and uniformity with higher heat tolerance and exceptional chemical resistance. They are about 30% thinner than other standard spunbond fabrics, allowing for lower pressure drop designs, which reduce ESD. Easily co-pleat Nystat 50 with other filter media (cellulose, microglass, PET) to obtain exceptional static dissipative performance in existing filter designs.

The dissipative media are ideal for aviation, power generation, heavy industrial, automotive and construction applications that require demanding hydraulic, fuel and oil filtration.