General Nonwovens' Range on Display at Techtextil


Turkish manufacturer supplies spunbond, meltblown and carded nonwovens to many industries

General Nonwovens is a member of Imam Kayalı Holding which is a privately owned family company that has been active in different fields of trade and industry since 1928. General Nonwovens started production of nonwovens in 2004, and since then has made new investments to improve production capacity and grow its product portfolio. Currently, General Nonwovens operates two factories in Turkey. Spunbond, meltblown and carded nonwovens manufacturing process technologies are employed in these plants.

General Nonwovens team consists of about 120 people and has annual capacity of 15,000 metric tons.

The company offers: polypropylene (PP) spunbond nonwovens; polyester (PET) spunbond nonwovens, polylactic acid (PLA) spunbond nonwovens, spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS) nonwovens, and air through bonded nonwovens (ADL & ATB).

General Nonwovens operates state of the art machinery and equipment supported with fully utilized quality control laboratory. All manufacturing lines have online inspection systems where high-resolution defect detection cameras continuously inspect 100% of the fabric.

General Nonwovens has different brands for different industries. HyGen brand products are widely used in the hygiene industry namely: topsheet, backsheet, ADL, leg cuffs, front ears and core-wrap. A very soft air through bond fabric is also served for those who are in search for soft-touch fabric for premium disposable product end uses. Apart from HyGen brand, the FilterGen brand is served for the filtration industry, TexGen is for coated and laminated fabrics as well as home textiles, AutoGen is available for the automotive industry and IndiGen is for industrial and technical textiles applications.

General Nonwovens’ HyGen brand ATB products are used both as a topsheet layer, which is in contact with the baby's skin, as well as the outer layer as a component of a super-soft breathable textile backsheet, which is in touch with mothers’ hand. HyGen brand nonwovens covers almost all nonwoven fabrics used in a baby diaper or adult incontinence products. The HyGen-topsheet is a hydrophilic treated layer. The treatment is fine-tuned to allow liquid penetrate through but not to give wetness back helping to keep baby's skin dry. General Nonwovens offers a super soft ATB topsheet for premium product segments.

General Nonwovens exports its products to European countries as well as to the U.S. A limited portion is served to the Middle East markets. General Nonwovens supplies about 50% local market and the rest is exported.

General Nonwovens currently has a few projects in the pipeline, which include new products as well as capacity improvement projects.