Mada Nonwovens Launches Medical Materials


Level four gown combines SMS and film for comfort and protection

Mada Nonvovens, a global high performance fiber based materials compay and a division of Al-Rahiji Holding, used INDEX to introduce AAMI level four gowns for the medical market. The gowns are made from an SMS using a monolithic breathable film technology to offer protection and comfort at the same time.
Mada’s new fabric can be made in standard spunbond or in combination with polyethylene/polypropylene bicomponent materials that provide unparalleled comfort and protection. This product will be completed in China offering customers easy access to Chinese converters or it can be shipped anywhere in the world.
The product passes all AAMI L4 qualification criterion tests such as ASTM 1670 and ASTM 1671 required for L4 and is currently being sampled with companies around the world.