Waterproof Bitimunious Membranes for Flat Roofs

Latest infographic from EDANA shows how nonwovens support sustainable construction and housing.

Core Strength

Low pulp or no pulp, one thing is for sure diapers are thinner than ever.

Flame Retardants: Bedding and Beyond

as the industry waits for extensions on antiflammability regulations in the bedding and furniture industries, new products roll out to make nonwovens

Top 10 Online Exclusives of 2015

Nonwovens Industry readers gravitated toward articles on unique new products and technologies last year.

Converter Round Up

A look at the latest from providers of finishing, packaging, slitting, winding and other services for the nonwovens industry.

Ever Hear of These?

The wipes market isn’t just about baby and home wipes—here are some lesser-known wipes that make cleaning or applying easier.