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    • Flame Retardants: Bedding and Beyond

      Flame Retardants: Bedding and Beyond

      Karen McIntyre, Editor||March 6, 2012
      as the industry waits for extensions on antiflammability regulations in the bedding and furniture industries, new products roll out to make nonwovens

    • Coming Home

      Coming Home

      March 16, 2011
      Impending flammability rules for upholstered furniture and top of bed may fire up opportunities for nonwovens suppliers.

    • There's No Place Like Home

      Sandra Levy, Associate Editor||March 18, 2010
      Will impending flammability rules for upholstered furniture and "top of bed" ignite or snuff out opportunities for nonwovens suppliers?

    • TTNA 2008

      Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff||March 20, 2008
      innovations in technical textiles will be in the spotlight at next month's event in Atlanta

    • Protecting America

      Protecting America's Bravest

      Michael Ciampo, Lieutenant||April 12, 2007
      nonwovens technology used in bunker gear and personal protection equipment for firefighters

    • Up In Flames

      Up In Flames

      Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor||April 12, 2007
      upgraded flame retardants bump up the performance of nonwovens in both residential and industrial end uses

    • Fighting Fire With... Technology

      Fighting Fire With... Technology

      Ellen Wuagneux, Associate Editor||June 14, 2006
      the market for flame retardants is heating up as new innovative components hit the scene

    • Fiber Finishes Expanding

      June 1, 2005
      increasing scope of nonwovens is attractive to suppliers