Wearing Article:

February 2, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,498,393

Jun Fukasawa, Kanonji, Japan; and Tatsuya Hashimoto, Kanonji, Japan.
Assigned to Unicharm Corporation, Ehime, Japan.

Filed: 6/20/13
Issued: 11/22/16

A wearing article, comprising: a longitudinal direction parallel to a longitudinal axis, a transverse direction parallel to a transverse axis, a skin-facing surface, a non-skin-facing surface opposite to the skin-facing surface, front and rear waist panels respectively defining front and rear waist regions; a crotch panel defining a crotch region; and an absorbent structure lying at least on the crotch panel, wherein the crotch panel has front and rear end portions extending in the transverse direction, and lateral edge portions extending in the longitudinal direction, wherein the front and rear end portions are joined to the front and rear waist panels through first joint regions, and at least the first joint region in the rear waist panel overlaps with the lateral edge portions of the crotch panel, a cover sheet is positioned on a non-skin-facing surface of the absorbent structure, covers the rear end portion and the corresponding first joint region in the crotch panel, and is attached to the rear waist panel, the crotch panel includes a base sheet and leg sheets attached to two lateral sides of the base sheet, the leg sheets extend outwardly in the transverse direction beyond the absorbent structure, each of the leg sheets has an outer lateral edge portion folded inwardly in the transverse direction to form a folding portion, leg elastics are attached within a sleeve defined by the folding portion, and the outer lateral edge portion is folded inwardly along an outermost leg elastic among the leg elastics so that the outermost leg elastic is located inside the sleeve.