Method of Making Disposable Absorbent Diaper Pants:

February 2, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,498,386

Joseph Hung Lam, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Gary Dean Lavon, Liberty Township, OH; and Ronald Joseph Zink, II, Blue Ash, OH.
Assigned to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.

Filed: 8/30/11
Issued: 11/22/16

A process for assembling disposable diaper pants, each diaper pant comprising a chassis having a first waist region longitudinally opposed to a second waist region, and having a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis, the chassis comprising: a topsheet, a backsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, each diaper pant further comprising a ring-like elastic belt defined by a first elastic belt connected with the first waist region and second elastic belt connected with the second waist region, wherein opposing end regions of the first elastic belt are connected with opposing end regions of the second elastic belt to form a waist opening, the process comprising the steps of: advancing a first continuous web in the machine direction; cutting the first continuous web into discrete chassis, wherein each chassis advances such that the longitudinal axis is parallel with the machine direction; spacing each chassis apart from each other along the machine direction; stretching a continuous elastic material in a machine direction; combining the elastic material with at least one nonwoven web to form a continuous elastic web having a first surface and an opposing second surface advancing in the machine direction; cutting the continuous elastic web into discrete elastic patches; turning each elastic patch such that the direction of stretch is substantially parallel with a cross direction, wherein each elastic patch has a leading end region and a trailing end region; connecting the first waist region of each chassis with the trailing end region of a first advancing elastic patch; connecting the second waist region of each chassis with the leading end region of a second advancing patch; cutting the each elastic patch to form the first elastic belt and the second elastic belt; folding each chassis; and connecting opposing end regions of each first elastic belt to opposing end regions of each second elastic belt to create discrete diaper pants.