Absorbent Article Having Bent Sections:

February 2, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,498,387

Tatsuya Tamura, Kanonji, Japan; Yuki Noda, Kanonji, Japan; Takashi Nomoto, Kanonji, Japan; and Takashi Onozuka, Kanonji, Japan.
Assigned to Unicharm Corporation, Ehime, Japan.

Filed: 12/11/12
Issued: 11/22/16

An absorbent article, comprising: a lengthwise direction and a widthwise direction, a skin side and a clothing side opposite to the skin side, a body section having a liquid-permeable top sheet provided on the skin side, a liquid-impermeable back sheet provided on the clothing side, and a liquid-retaining absorbent body provided between the top sheet and the back sheet, and wing sections extending outward from both edges of the body section in the widthwise direction, wherein a surface of the wing sections on the skin side is defined by the top sheet or side sheets provided on both sides of the top sheet in the widthwise direction, the surface of the wing sections on the skin side includes a plurality of bent sections extending in a discontinuous manner in the lengthwise direction and aligned in the widthwise direction, said plurality of bent sections having approximately U-shaped widthwise cross-sectional shapes, and discontinuous sections where each of the plurality of bent sections is discontinuous, the top sheet of the body section comprises a blood modifying agent layer on the skin side, the top sheet of the body section further comprises further bent sections, and the further bent sections have, on both sides of each of the further bent section in the widthwise direction, a plurality of openings aligned in the lengthwise direction, and (i) one of the discontinuous sections where one bent section among the plurality of bent sections is discontinuous and (ii) another discontinuous section where another bent section adjacent to said bent section is discontinuous are aligned along a straight line diagonally intersecting the bent sections.