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ISRA Vision Offers New Opportunities for Efficiency

January 11, 2017

Beyond Inspection add on ensures film quality

The Beyond Inspection tool from Isra Vision offers numerous benefits during the production stage. Inspection recipes can be managed centrally and created and updated offline with no need to halt production. Production parameters, alarm conditions, classification parameters, etc. can be reorganized efficiently and new quality and customer requirements can be implemented right away. Production lines with requirements that change regularly, new products or low quanitites stand to benefit especially from this software solution. The performance of the system can be tested at any time, online or offline, to ensure outstanding inspectin performance and a reliably high level of quality.

The Beyond Inspection builds on the SMASH system, which communicates all relevant data directly to the saw or slitter during production. Another application that uses the data on defect positions to repair them is the Rewind Manager, which allows users to inspect and process defects in the film during the winding process quickly. Using the data collected, the rewind manager finds the relevant position and stops the winding process fully automatically for manual interventions.

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