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AHI receives order for nonwovens roll packaging system

May 22, 2014

Start up scheduled for early 2015.

Automatic Handling International, Inc. (AHI) has been chosen to supply an automatic roll handling and packaging system to a confidential nonwovens producer. The new line will be installed in a U.S. mill in the Southeast region. Start up is scheduled for early 2015. AHI says it has previously delivered a similar system to the same location.

“We are very excited to be supplying another automatic roll handling and packaging system to our valued customer. The design of the package not only provides superior protection in the transportation process, but is visually attractive and eliminates product returns,” says Dave Pienta, vice president of AHI.

"North American nonwoven mills create unique challenges when dealing with a variety of roll diameters and very narrow slit roll widths. Through our innovative designs we create competitive advantages for these customers,” adds Pienta.

The AHI delivery comprises roll unloading, roll sorting and grouping, axial wrapping, upender, vertical wrapping, automatic labeling, accumulation conveyors and carts.

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