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AM Nonwovens

May 27, 2014

79/38-B Jeeva street
Kattabomman nagar
Madurai 625002 India
Phone: 0452-2525611

With the goal of creating eco-friendly alternatives to woven textiles, AM Nonwovens designs and develops a wide range of multifaceted nonwoven products from medical textiles, agriculture products, home textiles and products for hygiene applications as well.

The India-based company was started in August 2013 by entreprenuer Abilash Andrew, a business graduate from Cardiff University in the U.K., who now serves as the company’s CEO. Andrew diversified into nonwovens from his family’s textile woven business.

According to the chief executive, AM Nonwovens has grown in a short time to become one of the leading manufacturers of nonwoven surgical disposable products in India. “From being a manufacturer of medical textiles we widened our focus to home textiles as well,” he says. “While we focused on the domestic market in the beginning, we evolved ourselves as a vendor for the global market by complying with all requirements.”

The company’s popular products include its surgical gowns, surgical kits, face masks, surgeon caps and bouffant caps when it comes to medical textiles. For home textiles its popular product is its apron and for the hygiene markets it is its disposable inner wear.

AM Nonwovens’ output/capacity per year is about 100 million pieces of medical and home textile products and the company recently started exporting these goods to Europe. “We are currently catering to Asia and European markets and have enquiries from UAE and UK markets in the pipeline with plans to start venturing into these markets soon.”

Initially AM Nonwovens offered only five products and now is manufacturing 20 different products. “We currently serve about 5-6% of the total market requirement, however with our capacity expansion and export business venture we are set to increase our market share by 15-20% in the next two years,” says Andrew.

He says the company is planning to import new machinery for making additional products, and at the same time is also planning to invest in automation services in the near future for stitching and packaging operations.

“We have plans to double our capacity in the next two years,” says Andrew. “We are planning to participate in international fairs and various sales promotion activities to promote who we are and are also constantly investing in infrastructure improvements and automation services to equip ourselves to remain competent.”

In terms of challenges, Andrew says competition from China and market penetration are the two main challenges AM Nonwovens faces, but he sees them as opportunities to create awareness and improve its customer base.  

“People have started to see nonwovens as being a part of their daily life instead of just looking at them as a replacement for woven textiles,” he says. “Though there is a huge demand in medical, other areas such as agriculture seem to be picking up as well.”

At present Andrew says AM Nonwovens has a strong base in India, while having the scope to improve capacity and good resources to support growth. “However we are watching the market closely and are flexible to move our manufacturing base when required,” he says. “We are currently catering to the European market and will soon start supplying to the Middle East and UK. Our company is one of the very few players in India with global exposure even though in terms of capacity we are medium-sized. With our expansion we might have a vertical set up moving forward.”

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