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Noam Urim

By Tim Wright, editor | May 12, 2014

Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd.
Kibbutz Urim
M.P. Negev 85530, Israel
Phone: +972.8.992.0114
Fax: +972.8.992.0164

Founded in 1976, Noam Urim is an Israeli-based manufacturer of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics. In addition to supplying mother roll nonwovens, it offers bulk packaging and produces private label products as well all produced in a facility that adheres to international standard ISO 9001:2008.

In the household cleaning category the company offers cloths that are designed for super-absorbency. These multipurpose cloths can be used on nearly every type of surface and can absorb at least nine times their weight, are machine washable up to 40°C and can be printed and branded. The all-purpose basic cloths can be produced from 25% to 80% viscose fabric in a variety of colors and weights from 90 g/m2 up to 270 g/m2 and heavier, if required. The proprietary Noam Urim antibacterial cloth was developed to inhibit microbial growth on the cleaning cloth itself and to give a longer shelf life while the biodegradable cleaning cloth presents an environmentally friendly, highly absorbent product. These specialty wipes are made from natural fibers only. Another Noam Urim innovation is its highly textured cloths with raised “dots” designed especially to take off tough or caked-on dirt. The wipes serve a double purpose. The textured “dotted” side cleans spots and tough dirt while the other side functions as a multipurpose wipe for complete cleaning.

In the hygiene products category Noam Urim supplies various fabrics and substrates for medical and personal care, including soaped sponges and gloves, antibacterial cloths, white needle-punched cloths, and cloths for removing make-up and cosmetics. The single-use Soaped Sponge is designed especially for personal hygiene in hospitals, health centers, hotels and restaurants. Soaped sponges can be impregnated with almost any type of soap or detergent, making them suitable for general hygiene in exam and treatment rooms, bathrooms, lounges, and patient or guest rooms.

Noam Urim also offers Udder Wipes for the livestock care category. Contamination anywhere along the food chain has the potential to transmit serious diseases and adversely affect public health. Reducing the chance of contamination at the source is critical says the company, which is why it introduced the nonwoven wipe designed exclusively for use in the dairy industry. The high quality, disposable wipes thoroughly clean and disinfect udders and teats and reduce contamination. The Udder Wipes can be used during all pre- and post-milking tasks.

On the geotextile front Noam Urim produces a special line of needle-punched geotextile fabrics produced from PET or a polypropylene blend. The manufacturing process strengthens the fabric for improved stability and durability and efficient drainage when placed on the road or in the ground. It offers NU-Geo R for normal use made from regenerated polyester fibers and NU-Geo V for mechanical and hydraulic use made from virgin polypropylene or polyester.

Noam Urim automotive air induction filters give OEMs and aftermarket providers in the automotive and light truck industry a combination of high efficiency with high capacity. The multilayer needle-punched and carded filters of nonwoven mesh have an integrated gradient fiber. Chemical bonding adds strength and pleatability.

The company’s HVAC filters are used for a variety of purposes including general indoor ventilation and air cleaning, paint booths and atmospheric air. The high-quality HVAC filters consist of a carded nonwoven web mesh with an integrated density gradient to produce an effective combination: very high dust-holding capacity and low initial pressure drop. The filters can be employed as a pre-filtration or coarse filtration barrier for most air-handling systems.

Noam Urim also produces and supplies breather and bleeder cloths for the composites industry. Used to capture or trap resin and prevent wrinkles, the cloth provides continuous and even vacuum pressure. Noam Urim’s breathers used in the production process of many types of composite materials such as global aircraft/aerospace, wind power, automotive, and general composites industries.

Noam Urim has more than 40 years of experience in producing thermal- and chemical-bonded wadding material, which is produced from different types of polyester. It suits a range of applications such as sofas, upholstery, sleeping bags, quilts, pillows, jackets and more. The wadding portfolio includes unique types made from hollow, siliconized fibers offering better thermal insulation for softer, comfortable applications. The company produces wadding for thermal isolation of roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors. Among the company’s insulation materials NU RTI-E exposed thermal isolation reduces the temperature in summer and holds the temperature during the winter to keep buildings more comfortable. NU RTI-R reflective thermal insulation, with aluminum coating on one or both sides, prevents direct heat radiation and by this reduces the heat conduction. With good insulation, heat reflection, and antiradiation properties, the fabric maintains indoor temperature more efficiently, prevents heat loss to the environment, is soft and easy to install and use, is safe to use, is environmentally friendly, and can be produced as flame retardant.

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