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Suominen's Hydraspun passes third edition flushability standard

March 18, 2014

Company will add to capacity in Sweden.

Suominen's patented Hydraspun Dispersible substrate has passed its third edition flushability assessment test protocol. This protocol was introduced last year under a joint INDA/EDANA industry initiative, which allows products to claim flushability in wastewater systems. INDA and EDANA are the North American and European nonwovens industry trade associations.

As a pioneer in flushable products, Suominen developed its Hydraspun Dispersible substrate material to create a wipe product that could be safely flushed. Kyra Dorsey, product manager notes, “Since the late 1990s, when Hydraspun Dispersible products were invented, improved dispersibility of flushable wipes has been very high on Suominen’s innovation agenda. Our knowledge of fiber science, understanding the expectations of the wastewater industry as well as being a partner in our customers’ successes are the building blocks which allow Suominen to lead the market and continuously improve its Hydraspun Dispersible products.”

Additionally, and in addition to a previously announced investment in increased manufacturing capacity of Hydraspun in the U.S., Suominen is adding further Hydraspun supply in Europe resulting from expanded manufacturing co-operation with Ahlstrom Corporation’s Ställdalen plant in Sweden. The company says the investment in the U.S. is currently running on schedule for initiation of on-time commercial sales of increased Hydraspun supply in April.

Timo Hiekkaranta, senior vice president, convenience business area comments, “Keeping up with demand for flushable wipe materials from our customers is an important priority for us. In adding further supply for Hydraspun dispersible substrates in Europe, over and above our investment in the U.S., we are effectively increasing our available supply to them by more than 25%.”

Saara Söderberg, vice president, marketing and product management, adds, “We in Suominen aim to respond quickly to our customers and their consumers’ needs. The growing global demand for products like moist toilet wipes means that we have to look at constant product improvements both now and into the future. Passing the GD3 testing means we can continue to supply proven flushable substrates as the long-standing leader in this market.”

INDA and EDANA recently released the third generation of flushabiity standards including a Code of Practice for the proper labeling of wipe products. “Our nonwoven industry continues to create products that make our lives healthier and more convenient. Wet wipes like; moist toilet wipes, baby wipes, and personal care wipes are great examples of the industry’s consumer focused innovation," says Steve Ogel, director of technical affairs at INDA. "For manufacturers wanting to label a product as 'flushable, the product should be evaluated via the 'Guidance Document for assessing the Flushability of Nonwoven Consumer Products' and pass all seven tests.”

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