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HH nonwovens develops new spunbond nonwoven machinery

March 4, 2014

HH nonwovens Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in spunbond and meltblown machinery and is based in China. The company reports achievements in the polypropylene spunbond area have been obtained during the past few years, including a single beam spunbond production line (PP), double beam spunbond machinery (SS), composite equipment (SMS, SMMS), and a meltblown production line.

Now HH nonwovens has developed new products including a polyester spunbond production line (PET), which it says is a great leap in the spunbond area. Unlike polypropylene, polyester scraps are not readily recycled in spunbond manufacturing. Tensile strength, modulus, and heat stability of polyester fabrics are superior to those of polypropylene fabrics. Polyester fabrics are easily dyed and printed with conventional equipment. Spunbond nonwoven fabrics are uniform, have good strength with 100% polyester fibers that are breathable, non-toxic and tasteless, and comply with environmental standards.

With high quality products and customer service, HH nonwovens says it is not just developing good domestic market share, but also has gained a global sales network reaching into the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America.

As the spunbonding process is the most economical way of making nonwoven materials from a polymer in one step, HH nonwovens says it is committed to the research of new technology and increasing after-sale service.

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