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EDANA and INDA launch new shared mission and vision

January 27, 2014

Initiative further strengthens nonwovens association relationship between Europe and North America.

EDANA and INDA, the two international trade associations for the nonwovens and engineered fabrics industry based in Europe and North America, respectively, announced that they will harmonize their mission and vision to advance the success of their member companies.

Responding to the needs of each association’s member companies, including those companies who belong to both organizations, this new initiative was drawn from the values and missions pursued by both associations for their more than 40 years of operation. 

INDA and EDANA have kept parts of each association’s individual positions that are essential to their own nature and character, and have formed a mutual position that not only strengthens the relationship between the two associations, but seeks to provide cohesion and consistency on a global basis. Each organization will continue to operate independently.

The new joint vision for INDA and EDANA is to provide “global leadership to create an environment beneficial to sustainable and profitable growth of the nonwovens and engineered fabrics and related industries to best serve their customers.”

The new joint mission is to be “recognized within the global nonwovens and engineered fabrics and related industries as the associations that consistently provide products, services and events of the highest value to members and industry participants worldwide.”

Members of both global organizations are involved in the complete nonwovens supply chain from raw materials, machinery and equipment to roll goods, converters and end products. The services provided by each association are similar in nature, but unique in delivery and influence.

Both associations provide services in product stewardship (safety standards, test methods and sustainability); government and regulatory affairs; commerce and innovative industry events; industry awareness and trust; and training, education and market research.

“The vision and mission of our organizations direct what we do—how we serve our members is distinctly different. Harmonizing our vision and mission statements makes sense in this increasingly global industry. Our respective members need the assurance that the essential services provided by their industry association will be consistent in structure and intent, yet tailored to locally defined needs,” says Todd Bassett, chair of the INDA board of directors.

“In defining our joint goals, we established ‘what do we do or aspire to do.’ How we implement these strategic goals will continue to differ, based on our respective members’ needs and their specific business and social environments,” says Patricia Featherstone, chair of the EDANA board of governors. “We will continue to act based on our local requirements and demands, but with a greater level of compatibility and support both for and from our partner association.”

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