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Ahlstrom launches product for food packaging

February 20, 2014

NatureMold provides heat resistance, easy release, high wet strength and superior grease resistance.

Ahlstrom, a global high performance fiber-based materials company, introduces Ahlstrom NatureMold, a new biodegradable molding material for food packaging. This innovative and patent-pending product can be used for a range of food applications. Ahlstrom NatureMold  combines environmental credentials, product differentiation and performance all in one package.

Ahlstrom NatureMold provides a range of features that benefit food processors and their brands. Key benefits include heat resistance (up to 220°C/428°F), easy release, high wet strength and the superior grease resistance thanks to  unique genuine vegetable parchment.

In addition, Ahlstrom's new molding material offers superior branding and differentiation properties with the possibility to watermark or dye Ahlstrom NatureMold with a range of hot food contact approved colors. True to Ahlstrom's commitment, NatureMold helps to advance sustainability. Ahlstrom NatureMold is produced from renewable resources with FSC certified pulp. It is the environmentally friendly alternative to molds and trays made from plastic or aluminum.

"The Ahlstrom NatureMold product line has great performance especially because of its grease resistance and easy release. The coloring and watermark options allow significant brand differentiation. Its sustainability credentials are compelling as all the materials are from renewable sources as well as biodegradable," explains Omar Hoek, EVP, Food.
Ahlstrom's Food business area is a global supplier of food packaging products with a leading market position, and it has seven production sites in four countries.

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