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TJ Beall launches new website

January 23, 2014

The TJ Beall Company has launched a new website at The new site offers an enhanced visual layout and easy navigation for users. The site is broken into two distinct segments. The first is dedicated to natural fibers for nonwovens covering the company’s fiber product lines sold as True Cotton. The second section is a portal for the raw mote purchasing and regin sales division at TJ Beall Company. 

"Our new website has a wealth of content for both marketing and technical users looking to gain knowledge about cotton fibers, especially our proprietary greige (un-bleached) cotton fibers," says Lawson Gary, chief operating officer at TJ Beall. "We decided to take a 'fact-based evidence' approach in making the case for greige cotton utilized in nonwovens and we think that our website visitors will greatly appreciate the work that went into putting this together. Almost every claim that we make on this site is validated by relevant scientific information that is published in the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and trade publications. We let the facts speak for themselves."

For more info visit the new TJ Beall website at

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