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Sanitized AG receives Swiss Technology Award

November 25, 2013

Award as a “sustainability leader” for the first worldwide anti-adhesive hygiene treatment for textiles.

Sanitized AG, a specialist in the lasting hygiene protection of textiles and polymers, was honored with the Swiss Technology Award in the “Sustainable Leader” category for its new Sanitized Pluma technology. The anti-adhesive hygiene treatment for textiles uses mechanisms from medical engineering to inhibit odor-causing bacteria.

Sanitized AG has already produced pioneering achievements in the field of the lasting hygiene function and material protection for textiles and polymers on multiple occasions. Its capacity for innovation has once again been demonstrated by the new Sanitized Pluma product. The staff of the research and development department at Sanitized AG has investigated a medical engineering technology that can inhibit bacterial formation on prostheses and thus reduces the risk of infection for patients. Together with researchers from the Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Sanitized AG has succeeded in adapting this mechanism of action from medical technology to hygiene treatments in textiles.

The outcome of this research project is the Sanitized Pluma technology, which inhibits the buildup of bacteria on the surface of the fibers and thus hinders undesirable odor development. The decisive difference compared with previously applied technologies is that this technology inhibits even the bacterial colonization of the textile surface says the company.

The gist of the Sanitized Pluma technology is a polymer film from an aqueous solution that forms on the textile in situ. This polymer coating fixes a microscopically thin film of water on the textile surface that acts as a barrier against bacterial colonization. The bacteria float on this film and can be eliminated by low-temperature washing. This saves both energy and water and sustainably extends the life of the textiles.

“With Sanitized Pluma we have succeeded in our effort to create a new milestone in textile finishing," says innovation manager Heinz Katzenmeier. "Sanitized Pluma is safe, well-tolerated by the skin and environmentally sound in the application and handling of finished textiles. Sanitized Pluma is the answer to the growing need for freshness and hygiene in the field of textiles.”

The Swiss Technology Award is the leading prize in Swiss technology. It is initiated by the Swiss Economic Forum which would like to promote entrepreneurship and the culture of innovation in Switzerland. The prize is awarded on the May 25, 2014. For more info visit

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