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Invista expands Xpure polyester product range

By Tim Wright | December 2, 2013

Invista has expanded its Xpure portfolio of polyester products made with a next generation catalyst system. Recent additions to this portfolio include the Xpure 7001 and 701K polyester copolymers.

Xpure 7001 polyester is an amorphous resin while Xpure 701K polyester is a pre-crystallized resin. Both products offer a melting point of about 224°C which is about 30°C lower than a standard polyethyleneterephthalate. Application examples include packaging films and bicomponent fibers.

Invista’s Xpure polyester polymers are manufactured with a new generation catalyst system and offer easy flowing properties for better processability, as well as the possibility to use nonreactive thermal bonding methods.

“Initial customer testing of Xpure 7001 and 701K polyester polymers have been extremely well received,” says Achim Heyer, business director Europe, polymers. “Customers reported a wider processing window versus standard polyesters, allowing to manufacture non-standard products such as thick transparent films.”


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