Fem Hy Market Continues To Grow

By Karen McIntyre, senior editor | November 6, 2013

Despite high penetration levels, brands find ways to expand their customer base in the feminine hygiene market.

Feminine hygiene manufacturers continue to grapple with ways to expand their customer base in the already saturated markets of the developed world while responding to the everchanging needs of customers in developing regions. The result has been a series of product introductions designed to woo new customers or keep existing customers longer.

Currently, this market is seeing low growth in areas like the U.S. and Western Europe, where penetration levels are high and populations are not increasing. In fact, experts say the aging population could be a blow for the feminine hygiene category as the number of women ages 15-49 declines about 1% by 2015.

To combat this high penetration level, at least in the developed world, a strategy for feminine hygiene manufacturers has been to introduce a series of new products aimed at a specific period in a woman’s life, ranging from puberty to post menopause, and zeroing in on the specific needs of this period.

“It is important to target young consumers right when they are entering the menstruating age becuse of brand loyalty,” says Tamara Bartels, industry analyst for tissue and hygiene at Euromonitor International. “These brands are selling a lifestyle product instead of a commodity. Color packaging and a taboo-breaking marketing approach appeal to young consumers.”

According to data collected by Euromonitor, the total size of the global sanitary protection market, including pads, pantyliners, tampons and wipes will surpass $28 billion at the retail level this year and continue to grow steadily until 2017 when sales are projected to reach $32.2 billion. Highest growth levels will be seen in the Asia-Pacific region and in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. China in particular is projected to grow 36% between 2012 and 2017 while Russia will grow 20.1%, India wil grow 63% and sales in Turkey will increase 36%, according to the market tracker.

In these developed areas, growth will be driven by more consumers relying on feminine hygiene products, more women in the workforce and an increased presence of multinationals in the market.

The younger women

As developing areas continue to grow, feminine product manufacturers have had to be more creative to achieve growth in the developed world, where growth has been stagnant at best. In early 2010 Kimberly-Clark reached out to younger consumers in the feminine hygiene category with the launch of U by Kotex, a new line featuring brighter graphics and more modern packaging to appeal to girls just entering the category.

Almost immediately, this brand grabbed marketshare away from K-C’s competition and has been considered an instrumental driver of innovation for the total brand.

In fact, in its first year in the North American market, this Kotex sub-brand achieved more than four points of marketshare, quickly becoming one of K-C’s fastest growing brands and helping drive consumer interest and growth in a relatively flat category. Most recently, the IRI Symphony Group named U by Kotex the No. 3 non-food pacesetter for 2011, generating approximately $75 million in first-year retail sales.

Now, K-C is building off of this success with the introduction of some new products under the U by Kotex moniker. In 2012, the company brought U by Kotex Sleek tampons and new U by Kotex CleanWear pads to the market and in August U by Kotex Extra pads—a new, super premium maxi pad designed to keep girls feeling clean and fresh while providing maximum, heavy duty protection—were launched.

“The U by Kotex brand knows girls are too smart to believe the absurd, unrealistic demos that some feminine care brands use to prove their products work,” says  Kanchan Patkar, U by Kotex senior brand manager, Kimberly-Clark. “When it comes to protection, real life is the only test that matters; so we encourage girls to try and see for themselves how the U by Kotex Extra pad protects against their heaviest flows.”

According to K-C executives, this latest brand extension, allows U by Kotex to offer a full spectrum of coverage absorbency including U by Kotex Click and Sleek tampons, U by Kotex CleanWear pads and U by Kotex BarelyThere and Curves liners.

The new U by Kotex Extra pads have a soft dual cover that keeps wearers clean and dry, an ultra-flexible four-layer absorbency system, and Tru-Fit wings that help prevent bunching and scrunching and keep the pad in place. Like all U by Kotex brand products, U by Kotex Extra pads feature a bold, edgy aesthetic and fun colors that continue to challenge the boring and institutional look common in the feminine care category.

“Protection is a fundamental need in the feminine care category, yet up to 50% of young women experience product leakage and just accept it,” says Claire Miller, marketing director, Kotex North America. “These innovative new products are easy to use, provide unique fit and deliver serious protection to help women feel confident and prepared.”

The U by Kotex brand was first launched in Australia 10 years ago where it struck a similar chord with young women. Now, the company has versions of this line all over the world, where it is reversing a so-called “Sea of Sameness” within the feminine hygiene category that until 2010 had been dominated by products with similar hygienic and boring packaging.

In May 2012, Procter & Gamble responded to the U by Kotex introduction with its own answer to the needs of young women. P&G’s new Radiant line combines several Always and Tampax products to help young girls “make their periods invisible.” The Radiant collection includes products from Always Tampax tampon and Always feminine pad lines and contains a complete offering of premium products to meet all of a woman’s feminine care needs. The collection features designer packaging and wrappers to compliment any girl’s unique style, making these products must-have accessories any time of the month, according to P&G marketing materials.

“The Radiant Collection was designed with girls’ unique style and feminine care needs in mind,” says Gaby Tartaret, Tampax marketing. “Combining a stylish new look with a full lineup of premium products women have grown to trust from Tampax and Always, the Radiant Collection stands out among competitive, feminine care brands.”

The line includes Tampax tampons, Always infinity pads and incredibly thin liners and Radiant Wipes-to-Go, which are all packaged with a stylish new look.

As it targets younger girls, P&G continues to focus on its existing customers within the feminine hygiene market, which it considers a very brand loyal category. Knowing it has its customers trust, P&G is committed to making sure its products deliver what they need.
Recent innovations include Duopacks within the Tampax Pearl and Tampax Compak Pearl brands, which meet the needs of women who prefer to have multiple absorbencies of tampons during their period. Duopacks contain the two most popular absorbencies—regular and super—in one package.

Meanwhile, in the Always feminine hygiene pad and liner line, P&G has introduced Odor-Lock technology to neutralize odors by transforming ammonia into undetectable vapors and masking urine odors by locking malodor detection with proprietary technology. This actually freshens the user by releasing a light, fresh scent when the liner is moistened.

Stockholm, Sweden-based SCA Hygiene continues to innovate in the feminine hygiene category where it is present in more than 90 countries with brands including Bodyform, Libresse, Nosotras, Libra, Nana and Saba. One important mission for SCA in feminine hygiene is to break the taboos around menstruation and to empower women through providing knowledge and sustainable products which make everyday life easier for them.

Recent new product introductions have included a double liner product in Colombia, Australia and France, which is designed for on-the-go women who often forget to take liners with them. Having two liners allows them to freshen up and can drive the frequency of liner usage. In Malaysia, SCA has introduced a range of pads featuring fresh green tea scents and odor control to fight concerns of odor during menstruation.

The needs of women span the world regions. While preferred product formats change from country to country, these are often driven by cultural influences but the customer needs remain the same. SCA uses its global presence to enable it to learn from the differences between markets and transfer this knowledge between regions.

Extending the cycle

Meanwhile, within its Poise brand, Kimberly-Clark is bridging the gap between adult incontinence and feminine hygiene brands with its new five-product wellness line, which includes a roll-on cooling gel and body cooling towelettes, a personal lubricant, panty fresheners and a feminine wash.

According to K-C research, there are 50 million women across North America who are approaching or experiencing menopause, but until now there has been no suite of consumer products that helps them cope on a daily basis. The wellness products are a natural extension for the Poise brand, which millions of women already rely on for discrete protection from light bladder leakage.
In addition to filling an unmet need for women in this period of life, the product helps K-C retain some of its feminine hygiene customers beyond the end of their menstrual cycle.

“It is a big opportunity for us to offer products in this space,” says Dunphey. “There are 50 million women approaching this time in their lives, and we want to be a resource from them as they approach it.”

Like U by Kotex, this wellness line follows a strategy toward segmentation at K-C whereby the company strives to better understand its customers and what their needs are. “A lot of the work we have been doing is understanding all of the insights we have around our consumers—that is a consistent focus, segmenting our consumers and understanding them,” Dunphey adds.

Similar products were launched under the Poise brand in Chile and Colombia in 2009. The success of these products—as well as their role in increasing Poise’s profile in Latin America—is why K-C decided to group it within the adult incontinence market even though the products are very much about feminine hygiene.

“We believe in this space ad we are firmly committed to grow in it,” Dunphey adds. “Poise is a brand for everyone—even if I don’t have light bladder leakage there are many women my age who do.”

Like U by Kotex, Poise wellness is a result of K-C’s strategy of leveraging strong brands and innovation on a global basis to win in the marketplace. “Based on the initial success of the Poise Feminine Wellness line in Latin America, we anticipate these products will be well received by North American consumers and retail customers,” says Jay Gottlieb, vice president, North American adult and feminine care.

The launch of the new line will be supported by an integrated marketing program, “The 2nd Talk,” a whole new way to talk about menopause designed to help women approach this life stage with confidence.

“Women probably remember having a first talk that explained their changing bodies as they were approaching puberty,” says Dunphey. “Kimberly-Clark and the Poise brand encourages women to have the second talk as they approach menopause, to begin and normalize the conversation about this life stage. By joining the conversation, women will gain more menopause knowledge, support and solutions.”

Feminine Hygiene Manufacturers Directory

Agostini Industries Ltd.
P.O. Box 191
18 Victoria Ave.
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago West Indies
Fax: 868-623-1966 
Products: Maxi, maxi/wings, maxi longs
Brand names: Fancy Free maxi pads, Secure feminine napkins

Amir Paper Products
P4P, Kibbutz Amir
12140 Upper Galilee, Israel
Fax: 972-4-6954476
Location of plant: Israel
Products: Feminine hygiene pads
Brand name: Ultra Wings

Articulos Higienicos
Av. Transformacion No. 4
Parque Industrial Cuamatla,
C.P. 54730 Cuautitlán Izcalli
Estado de México, México
Fax: 52-55-58997989
Location of plant: Edo. de Mexico
Products: Feminine hygiene products including sanitary napkins (ultrathin and thin wings)
Brand names: Diapro, Diapro Gel, Biosan, Biosan Ultra, Diapro Elastic, Eres

Beijing Wallong I/E Corp.
No.26 South Yuetan Street
Beijing 100825 China
Bentley Manufacturing Inc.
10 West 33rd St. Suite 220
New York, NY 10001
Fax: 212-714-1130
Location of plant: Piscataway, NJ
Products: Feminine napkins, pantyliners
Brand names: Free and Fresh

Braco Mfg. Co. Inc.
4301B New Brunswick Ave.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Fax: 732-752-4914
Location of plants: NJ; Venezuela
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand name: Feel Fresh CIM

Cardificio Italiano SpA
S.S. 415 Paullese Km. 27 26010
Vaiano Cremasco (Cr) Italy
Fax: 39-373-791457
Products: Pantyliners, sanitary pads, light incontinence items
Brand names: Emi, Emi Lady, Quik, private labels

Consolidated Ecoprogress Technology Inc.
789 West Pender Street, Suite 400
Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 1H2
Fax: 604-738-7051
Products: Environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products
Brand names: Simplicities, Trutona, Harmonies

Corman S.p.A.
Via Sciesa, 10
20084 Lacchiarella (MI), Italy
Fax: 39-02-900-79048
Location of plant: Milan, Italy
Products: Cotton feminine hygiene, light incontinence products
Brand names: Organyc, Unyque, Elyte, Lady Presteril, Cottony, Sicura

Dambi Produktion AB
N.Bokhagsvägen 29 253 55, Sweden
Fax: 46-42-388199
info@dambi.se www.dambi.se
Location of plants: Morarp, Sweden; Neubrandenburg, Germany
Products: Pantyliners, sanitary napkins
Brand names: Up to date, private label

Delipap Oy
Teollisuustie 19
Veikkola 02880 Finland
Fax: 358-9-2606-2231
Location of plants: Veikkola, Finland; Lieksa, Finland
Products: Feminine sanitary napkins (normal, ultrathin, with and without wings), pantyliners (normal and ultrathin), light incontinence products
Brand names: Vuokkoset, Mimi, Midinette, private label

Drammock International
Tower House
Westfield Industrial Estate
Kirk Lane
Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7LX U.K.
44-113 250 7859
Fax: 44-113 250 6228
Location of plant: Dublin, Ireland
Products: Sanitary napkins, feminine wipes Brand names: Intimate, Ladyfree

Evofem Inc.
8910 University Center Lane, Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92122
Fax: 858-550-0119
Brand name: Softcup

Eurofil srl
C.da Cancelli, 11
64035 Castilenti (TE), Italy
Fax: 39-861-999-493
Products: Sanitary pads and pantyliners
Brand name: Honix

Fempro I Inc.
1330 Michaud St.
Drummondville, (Québec) Canada, J2C 2Z5
Fax: 819-475-1217
Location of plant: Drummondville, Qué­bec, Canada
Products: Sanitary napkins
Brand names: Incognito

Fide s.r.o.
Brtnice 35 PSC 588 32,
P.O. Box 3, Czech Republic
Fax: 420-567-216-384
Products: Sanitary pads
Brand names: Micci, Oasis

First Quality Hygienic
80 Cutermill Road, Suite
500 Great Neck, NY 11021
Fax: 516-829-4949
Location of plant: McElhattan, PA
Products: Tampons
Brand names: Femtex, Prevail

Health Care Products, Inc.
410 Nisco Street
P.O. Box 116 Coldwater, OH 45828
Fax: 419-678-8920
Products: Sanitary napkins including winged, ultrathins, contoured liners, panty shields, four channel maxi
Brand names: Preference, Julie, private label

Hospital Specialty Company
26301 Curtiss-Wright Parkway Cleveland, OH 44143
800 321-9832
Fax: 800-362-0073
Location of plants: Nicholasville, KY; Knoxville, TN
Products: External feminine hygiene/ sanitary napkins, adult incontinence products, premoistened and dry wiping materials
Brand names: Maxithins, Safe & Soft, Gards, At Ease, Precious, Task

Hyga SA
Industriestrasse 11 3295
Rüti b. Büren, Switzerland
Telephone: 41-32-352-04-70
Fax: 41-32-352-04-79
Location of plant: Rüti bei Büren, Switzerland; Lengnau bei Biel, Switzerland
Products: Ultrathin and maxi pads
Brand names: Private label, Hyganel

Hygienics Industries
3968 194th Trail
Miami, FL 33160
Fax: 305-937-0825
Location of plant: Elba, AL
Products: Sanitary panties, incontinence panties and briefs
Brand names: Feel n’ Sure, Safe + Dry, Ashley Lee

Indelpa S.A.
de CV Carlos B. Zetina #22
San Miguel Xalostoc
Ecatepec Edo. de Mexico, C.P.
55000 Mexico
Fax: 525-714-3048
info@indelpa.com.mx; www.indelpa.com.mx
Location of plant: Ecatepec Edo. de Mexico, Mexico
Products: Feminine hygiene pads
Brand names: Protex, Confem, Confiance Evofem

Kimberly-Clark Europe
Douglas House
40 London Road, Reigate Surrey RH29QP U.K.
Fax: 44-1-952-291272
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand name: Kotex

Kimberly-Clark Australia
52 Alfred St.,
P.O. Box 343
Milsons Point
N.S.W. 2061, Australia
61-2-9963-8888 • Fax: 61-2-9957-1431
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand name: Kotex

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
351 Phelps Dr.
Irving, TX 75038
Products: Thick and ultrathin feminine pads, pantyliners, tampons
Brand names: Kotex

KNH Enterprises
27th Floor, 456, Sec. 4,
Sinyi Road Taipei 110 52, Taiwan
Fax: 886-2-2345-6299
knh@knh.com.tw www.knh.com.tw
Location of plants: Taiwan, Shanghai
Products: Sanitary napkins, pantyliners
Brand names: Carnation, Surex

Koyo Corporation
1-11 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku Yokohama
236-0004 Japan
Fax: 81-45-785-3737
Location of plants: Yokohama, Shizuoka, Wakasa
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand names: Wingcare, Tetra II, Tetra, Care, Wide Ace, Wave, Ace, Skitto, Carepants

Kronosept AB
P.O. Box 223 Eslov S-241 23
Fax: 46-413-60975
Location of plant: Eslov, Sweden
Products: Sanitary towels with and without wings, ultrathin, body-shaped pantyliners and maternity pads, light incontinence pads
Brand names: Kronosept, private label Grupo P.I.

Mabe S.A. de CV
Av. San Pablo Xochimehuacan No. 7213,
Col. La Loma C.P. 72230
Puebla, Mexico 52-222-223-61-00 Fax: 52-222-223-3415 gzepedaf@gpomabe.com.mx
Products: Feminine hygiene products Brand name: Fiore

Maxim Hygiene Products
39 Maple St.
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
516-621-3323; Fax: 516-621-3312
Products: natural cotton sanitary pads, organic and natural cotton pantiliners, organic cotton tampons

Natracare LLC
14901 E. Hampden Ave., Suite 190
Aurora, CO 80014
303-617-3476 • Fax: 303-617-3495
info@natracare.com www.natracare.com
Products: Pads, pantyliners, certified organic 100% cotton tampons, intimate wipes Brand name: Natracare

Ontex France
Rue du Champ du Garet, BP 433
F-69655 Villefranche-sur-Saone, France
Fax: 33-4-74-68-7849
Products: Sanitary napkins Brand names: Tendresse, Caline, Calinette

Ontex International N.V.
Spinnerijstraat 12 9240 Zele, Belgium
32-52-454-611 • Fax: 32-52-454-610
Location of plants: Europe, Turkey, China
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand names: Helen Harper for feminine hygiene and private labels

1 Anna Ahmatova Str.,
Mladost 1A 1729
Sofia, Bulgaria
359-2-976-7910; Fax: 359-2-976-7917
palomita@palomita.com; www.palomita.com
Location of plant: Mladost, Sofia, Bulgaria
Products: Sanitary pads
Brand names: Palomita, Olivia and Nova Lady

Paper Converting of America
49 Junius St.
Brooklyn, NY 11212
718-278-5375; Fax: 718-385-7082
Location of plant: Lithonia, GA
Products: Feminine napkins •  Brand name: Self W.

Pelz GmbH & Co.
Willy-Pelz-Strasse 8-9 D-23812
Wahlstedt Germany
49-4554-71-0 • Fax: 49-4554-71-308
pelz@pelzgroup.de; www.pelzgroup.de
Products: Sanitary pads and pantyliners
Brand name: Cosmea

Playtex Products (Energizer Brands)
300 Nyala Farms Road
Westport, CT 06880
203-341-4000; Fax: 203-341-4200
Location of plant: Dover, DE
Products: Plastic and cardboard tampons, flushable tampons, personal cleansing cloths
Brand Names: Gentle Glide, Silk Glide, Slimfits, Beyond, Portables, *Purchases Carefee, Stayfree and o.b. in 2013

Playtex Premier Care Industries
400 Oser Avenue, Suite 1950
Hauppauge, NY 11788-3639
631-952-7476; Fax: 631-952-7478
mneman@precare.com; oneman@precare.com
Location of plant:  Teulon, Manitoba, Canada
Products: Sanitary napkins
Brand names: Sanitex, Bodyform, Flushable

Procter & Gamble
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 46202
www.always.com; www.tampax.com
Products: Ultrathin and maxi pads, pantyliners, tampons, feminine cleansing cloths
Brand names: Always pads and pantyliners, Always feminine cleansing cloths, Tampax tampons, Always Infinity

Produsa S.A.
Ave. 33 Diag. 51-07 Bello – Antioquia, Columbia
Fax: 574-453-7205
Location of plant: Sabaneta, Colombia
Products: Sanitary napkins, pantyliners
Brand names: Ellas, Intima, private label

Quest Personal Care Global Ltd.
Quest House, Unit 1D & 1E Warth Industrial Park
Warth Road, Bury, Lancashire BL9 9NB
44 161 724 1949 • Fax: 44 161 724 1950
hq@qpcglobal.com; www.questbrand.com
Products: Pantyliners, sanitary pads, tampons
Brand names: Quest, Premium, Pretty, Classic, Pretty Cherubs, Bay 6, Ultra Pretty Princess, Mucky Pups

Rainbow Fame Industrial Ltd.
No. 1360 Huqingping Road
Pearl Garden Suite 818, 8th Floor
Shanghai, China
86-21-59881660; Fax: 86-21-59881483
Products: Sanitary napkins, pantyliners
Brand names: Nania, Niva and private labels

Rochester Midland
333 Hollenbeck Street
Rochester, NY 14621
800-836-1633; Fax: 585-336-2412
Location of plant: Rochester, NY
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand name: Naturelle

Via le Monte Sirente 15
66023 Francavilla al Mare (CH), Italy
39-085-455-43-30; Fax: 39-085-69-37-97
Location of plants: Italy
Products: Sanitary napkins with or without wings, with or without fluff, panty shields anatomic or tanga, complete line of disposable products
Brand names: Sani

SCA Americas
2929 Arch Street Cira Centre Suite 2600
Philadelphia, PA 19104
610-499-3700; Fax: 610-499-3391
info.americas@sca.com; www.sca.com
Products: Feminine hygiene products
Brand names: Tena, Serenity

Box 200
Klarabergsviadukten 63
SE -101 23 Stockholm, Sweden
46-8 788-51-00
Fax: 46-8-660-74-30; www.sca.com

S.I.L.C. SpA
Strada Provinciale N. 35 KM. 4
26017 Trescore Cremasco (Cremona) Italy
Fax: 39-373-273922
info@silcitalia.com www.silc.it
Location of plant: Trescore Cremasco
Products: Feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, incontinence products, wet-wipes, toiletries, creams, biocides
Brand names: Laurella, Oui

Simple Health & Beauty Ltd.
4th Floor, Chadwick House
Blenheim Court Solihull, U.K.
B91 2AA 44-121 327 4750
Fax: 44-121-327-6127
Location of plant: Birmingham
Products: Tampons
Brand names: Lil-Lets, Simple, Dove, Wrights, Cidal and Secrets

d.d. Vir, Saranoviceva cesta 35
SI - 1230 Domzale, Slovenia 386-1-729-0100
Fax: 386-1-721-0244
info@tosama.si; www.tosama.si
Location of plant: Vir, Slovenia
Products: Sanitary napkins and tampons
Brand names: Viriana, Vir, Vivia, Jasmin

Unicharm Corporation
Keikyu No. 2 Building 25-23
Takanawa 3-chome
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8575 Japan
Fax: 81-3-3449-7600
Location of plants: Kagawa, Ehime, Japan; Indonesia; Thailand

W.I.P. SpA
via Rimini 49 59100-Prato, Italy
39 0574 669488
Fax: 39 0574 817632
info@ecowip.com; info@wip-srl.com
Products: Sanitary pads and pantyliners
Brand names: Love ‘N Sanitary napkin/pantyliner

Who’s Who in San Pro Machinery

A listing of suppliers of equipment to the feminine hygiene market.

Anqing Hengchang Machinery
Xiao Gu Shan Road
Anqing, Anhui 246005 China

Basaltweg 3
Mayen, 56727 Germany
49-2651-94-2-94 -0
mail@bicma.com; www.bicma.com

Bikoma GmbH
Am Layerhof
Mayen, 56727 Germany
sales@bikoma.de; www.bikoma.de

Cellulose Converting Solutions
Viale Kennedy 40
Moscufo, 65010 Italy
info@ccsol.it; www.ccsol.it

Curt G. Joa, Inc.
P.O. Box 903
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
joa@joa.com; www.joa.com

Diatec Srl
Strada Statale 151 km.
13 Collecorvino (PE), 65010 Italy
staff@diatec.it;  www.diatec.it

Fameccanica.Data SpA
Via Aterno 136
Sambuceto di S. Giovanni Teatino
Chieti, 66020 Italy

Focke & Co., Inc.
General Packaging
5730 Millstream Road ,Whitsett, NC 27377
ydiaz@fockegso.com; www.focke.com

Via Circonvallazione
Sud Offanengo (CR) 26010 Italy

Guangzhou Xingshi Equipments
Siheng Dong Rd.
YuanCun, TianHe Guangzhou, China

Hangzhou Creator Machinery
No.392, Xingguo Road
Yuhang Economic Development Zone
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311110 China

Hangzhou New Yuhong Machinery
Fengdu Industrial Zone
Pingyao Town, Yuhang Dist.
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 311115 China

Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing
Fuqiao Shiqi Industrial Zone
Quanzhou, Fujian 362000 China

Investkonsult Sweden AB
Hospitalsgatan 8
Norrkoping, Ostergotland, 60227 Sweden
johan@ik.se; www.ik.se

Jiangsu JWC Machinery
No.131 Jinhu West Road
Jinhu, Jiangsu, 211600 China

M.D. Viola Macchine Srl.
Via Lombardia 16/18
Valle Salimbene Pavia 27010 Italy

Optima filling and packaging machines GmbH
Steinbeisweg 20
Schwaebisch Hall, 74523 Germany

Pulplus C.A.
Calle 1 Zona Industrial Del Este
Guarenas, Miranda, 1060 Venezuela

Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery Machinemake Co., Ltd
No. 6 Rd., South-North Gaoxin Electron Industry
Jiangnan Quanzhou, 362000 China

Quanzhou Hanwei Machinery Making Co., Ltd.
Fuqiao Industrial Zone
Quanzhou, Fujian, 362000 China

Quanzhou Peixin Machinery Making
Industrial Huokeng Industrial Area Fuquiao
Quanzhou, 362000 China

RML Services & trading SA
Via Mercoli 8A
Lugano, 6900 Switzerland

via Monte Sirente 15
Francavilla al Mare, (CH), 66023 Italy

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery
485 Zhaojiang Rd.
Zhaotun, Baihe town, Qingpu District
Shanghai, 201711 China
86-21 5921 3878
zl@zhilianpm.com www.zhilianpm.com

Three Wood Machinery Industry
No. 138 Jinhu West Road Jinhu County
Jiangsu Province, PR China

VIRE Automation S.r.l.
Via Mengolina, 22
Faenza, (RA), 48018 Italy

VMI Holland BV
Gelriaweg 16 EPE
Gelderland, 8161 RK The Netherlands
31 (0) 578 679111

Zuiko Corp.
15-21 Minamibefu Settsu
Osaka, 566-0045 Japan

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