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Fameccanica, Optima celebrate 50th Paksis machine milestone

Published October 16, 2013
Fameccanica, Optima celebrate 50th Paksis machine milestone
Members from Optima and Fameccanica were on hand to celebrate the test run of a Paksis A-6. 50th Paksis Celebration Meeting
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Back in 2003 Optima and Fameccanica formed an alliance for Paksis machines. Since that time 50 Paksis machines have been delivered worldwide and on July 25, 2013 the two companies celebrated this important milestone.

All members from the two delegations toasted the 50th machine, a Paksis A-6 connected to an adult incontinence machine for a test run at Fameccanica’s production plant. Both partners expressed pride and satisfaction for the brilliant achievements that were reached since the beginning of the alliance, and encouraged more success for the future.

Besides the celebration, the meeting also served as an opportunity to work on plans for future developments. For two-days the companies discussed market needs, strategies and technical issues. Both Optima and Fameccanica people put together their skills and enthusiasm to lay down the basis for the creation of new, faster and highly efficient Paksis machine models. The challenge is to double the quantity of Paksis equipment delivered within the next few years.