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Toyota Boshoku forms new auto interior components company In Thailand

August 28, 2013

Building optimal systems to supply automotive manufacturers in Thailand.

Toyota Boshoku Corporation, a manufacturer of automotive interior systems, has through its Asian regional management hub, Toyota Boshoku Asia Co., Ltd., established a new automotive interior components production company, Boshoku Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to supply interior components, filter and powertrain components in Thailand.

An investment of approximately $18 million was made to set up the new automotive interior company with the aim of expanding production capacity. The new company will start production of silencers and other interior components in the latter half of 2014 and with the aim to expand future business to include seats and door trim, will be set up to flexibly handle individual component orders.

Toyota Boshoku, starting with its main customer Toyota Motor Corporation, is proactively expanding new business with global automotive manufacturers. Toyota Boshoku Asia plays a central role in Asia in establishment of optimal production and system to supply interior components and filter and powertrain components.

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