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Nordson launches TruFlow Meters and VersaBlue Plus Melters

July 1, 2013

TruFlow meters from Nordson Corporation enable monitoring and control of material flow during all phases and line speeds of production for nonwovens, book and product assembly, as well as for packaging applications. This variation management capability allows manufacturers to measure, understand and improve material delivery and dispensing, enabling manufacturers to reduce waste, improve product quality and enhance production efficiency. Variation management is especially valuable in nonwoven disposable hygiene product manufacturing with demanding, rapidly changing flow requirements during ramp up and ramp down phases.

The TruFlow meter is a simple, positive-displacement meter that accurately, consistently measures actual material flow rates. The versatile meter operates across a broad flow range, 10-500 cc per minute, as well as a wide spectrum of material viscosities and temperatures.

TruFlow meters have a durable design and construction making them easy to install and minimizing maintenance. Simple connections and compact size mean TruFlow meters are adaptable to most production environments.

The TruFlow meters join the family of TruFlow applicators and dividers to round out Nordson OptiBond solutions for variation management. The OptiBond portfolio accommodates both retrofit and new installations for everything from simple flow monitoring all the way up to sophisticated point-of-application, closed-loop control.

Nordson also recently launched the VersaBlue Plus melters as the latest addition to the OptiBond family. VersaBlue Plus melters introduce optional melter-integrated flow monitoring and closed-loop flow control for up to four channels to the existing full-feature set that VersaBlue melters have delivered for more than a decade. Integrated closed-loop control continuously measures the material flow rate and compares that to the application’s flow requirement; the output of the melter pump is automatically adjusted in real-time to minimize the difference between the requirement and actual flow rates.

Integrating flow control simplifies installation and “extra” necessary equipment as well as provides ease-of-use through the melter’s touch screen interfaces. The VersaBlue melter’s intuitive, easy-to-use graphical touch display simplifies set-up and operation, and provides system status for the various melter functions. Basic graphing and data reporting of the flow control are also available on the melter display, or more detailed information can be exported to a laptop or via field bus.

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