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EDANA's medical committee presents at AFISO

June 14, 2013

MEDECO, the committee representing the medical nonwovens and related industries, had the opportunity to give a presentation during the congress organized by AFISO, the French association of nurses in Belgium founded in 1986 for nurses working in operating rooms.

Presented by Sophie Litt (RKW) and Tim Galekop (Ahlstrom), and with support from Geert Driessen (3M), members of the association’s medical nonwovens committee, the presentation aimed to share information about the current single-use medical market, explaining the standards which regulate this market and expounding the importance of using single-use drapes and gowns during surgical procedures, not only for the safety of the patients but also for that of the staff.

During the presentation, information about the collaboration with EORNA (the European Operating Room Nurses Association) was also shared. Examples were given including the education on infection control from the “Join the Fight” campaign, and the survey undertaken at the EORNA congress in Lisbon. The survey was realized by MEDECO with the aim to get feedback from the final users of surgical drapes and gowns. 

“Feedback from the audience of medical professionals was very positive, and specific mention was made about their appreciation of the effort made by the industry to be closer to the users of medical gowns and drapes, sharing education and information," says Sophie Litt, chair of the EDANA Medeco marketing committee.

The single-use nature of medical nonwovens/laminates guarantees that drapes and gowns will always perform to the product specific EN13795 and other relevant standards in terms of barrier properties and strength, thus reducing risk of contamination. Each time a single use product are used they have not been used before which through quality control guarantees quality and performance to EN 13795. As a consequence, they will help to protect patients and medical staff from the pain and cost of infection. The performance of single-use surgical drapes and gowns is proven to be reliable and consistent and validated according to requirements for safe use set by CEN. Patients and medical staff have the certainty that the drapes and gowns will fully perform in terms of barrier effectiveness, microbial cleanliness consistency, linting, comfort, and safety. The risks of cross-contamination or loss of performance of the material, as can be the case with reusable products after multiple uses, laundering and sterilization cycles, are removed.

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