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BWF Envirotec introduces PM-Tec membrane product line

February 20, 2013

BWF Envirotec, a manufacturer of filter media for industrial filtration, has extended product portfolio with the new PM-Tec product line and is offering new filter media specifically used in filtration of minute dust particles. The name for the new product line originates in the English term for fine dust, "particulate matter".
The new PM-Tec product line represents the highest demands on a filter medium for industrial filtration says the company. BWF Envirotec combines in the new product line carrier media consisting of needlona needle felt or fiberglass fabric with a high-efficiency ePTFE membrane.

The product line consists of a carrier medium on which an ePTFE membrane is laminated. The membrane produced from polytetrafluorethylene possesses characteristics, which are optimally suited for use in industrial fine dust filtration.

Dust on the raw gas side impinges on the filter medium, is already retained on the surface and cannot penetrate into the carrier medium. Due to the smooth and anti-adhesive surface, the company says the particles do not embed themselves in the carrier medium but accumulate on the surface of the filter medium instead and are almost completely cleaned away during the de-dusting process in the filtration system.

A low surface tension which reduces the adhesion of fine dusts in addition to a temperature resistance of up to 288°C ensure optimum filtration properties.

Extremely low and stable differential pressure behavior, constant gas volumetric flow, long service lives and low maintenance expenditure are other product features says the company.
BWF Envirotec supplies the new product line as material from the roll for manufacturers of filter bags and as made-up filter bags for manufacturers or operators of industrial de-dusting plants.

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