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U by Kotex teams up with Her Campus

September 27, 2012

Will help launch College Fashion Week at more than 200 campuses.

The U by Kotex brand, which has turned the feminine care category upside down with its bold designs and attitude, has teamed up with the No. 1 online community for college women, Her Campus, to launch College Fashion Week 2012.

The theme of this first-of-its-kind nationwide event, Upgrade Your Life, will showcase the vision of Her Campus's network comprised of one million monthly readers and 3000 student ambassadors at more than 200 colleges and universities across the country. Models and designers will express themselves with empowering takes on the classroom, the gym, the weekend and formal attire at four high-energy shows in Boston, MA, Ann Arbor, MI, Raleigh, NC and Santa Barbara, CA.

"Her Campus readers take immense pride in being the most fun, flirty and fashionable on campus, making an event like College Fashion Week 2012 a priority for us as a company," says Her Campus cofounder, president and publisher Windsor Hanger. "Together, the U by Kotex brand and Her Campus will activate a diverse group of dedicated college women to help shape the success of this event."

Through the partnership and as a presenting sponsor of College Fashion Week 2012, the U by Kotex brand continues its mission to challenge accepted norms and the conversation around feminine care.

"By partnering with Her Campus and helping college women to upgrade everything from their style to their feminine care routine, we want to show women they do not need to compromise their bold sense of style while they are on their period," says Claire Miller, marketing director, Kotex North America. "The latest U by Kotex products, Sleek Tampons and CleanWear Pads, offer great protection and performance through innovative designs, helping women feel confident and prepared."

College Fashion Week was created to pay homage to traditional Fashion Week events in New York, London, Paris and Milan, while placing a student spin on the festivities. In addition to the tour's empowering themes, each look will also be compiled with affordability, practicality and usefulness in mind.

"It was imperative that we stayed true to the event and our readers," says Her Campus cofounder, CEO & editor-in-chief Stephanie Kaplan. "We want our vision to be attainable and all-inclusive to today's college women."

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