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Medical textiles book published

September 18, 2012

Text is a scientific introduction to the study, engineering and applications of medical textiles.

DEStech Publications, Inc. announces the publication of An Introduction to Healthcare and Medical Textiles, by Wen Zhong of the University of Manitoba. This volume is a scientific introduction to the study, engineering and applications of medical textiles. It moves systematically from the fundamentals of textile materials and their fabrication through biocompatibility and biodegradability to the applications of textiles in healthcare, ranging from hygiene to wound care, grafts and implantables.

The book analyzes how the internal structures of various types of textiles, wovens, knits and nonwovens are related to specific medical/biomedical end uses. While carefully explaining the basics, the book aims to show the connection between textile properties and the design and development of medical and healthcare textile products. This text is designed for advanced students and industry-based textile researchers, engineers and product developers.

Some of the highlights of the book include:

• Explains basic textile concepts and links them to medical textile design
• Covers wovens, knits, nonwovens, nanofibers and other advanced materials
• Investigates cell, tissue and skin interaction, as well as comfort and clinical implications
• Disposables, infection control, wound dressing, sutures, prosthetics, grafts and more

Chapters include: Textile Materials and Structures; Medical and Healthcare Nanofibers; Textiles as a Source of Comfort and Healthcare Problems; Biocompatibility, Bioresorbability, and Biostability: Solutions and Beyond; Disposable Hygiene Textiles; Healthcare Protective Textiles; Textiles for Wound Care; Biotextiles; Tissue Engineering; and Intelligent Medical and Healthcare Textiles.

An Introduction to Healthcare and Medical Textiles is published by DEStech Publications, Inc., best known for advanced publications in engineering and science.

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