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Americhem introduces nBalance sustainable solutions

August 6, 2012

Americhem Inc., a provider of custom color and additive solutions for the plastics and synthetic fiber industries, has addressed issues of compostability, renewability, reusability and degradability with its nBalance sustainable solutions. Using ASTM standards as its guide, Americhem’s nBalance product line is comprised of color and additive masterbatches that reduce impact on the environment. nBalance products and services encompass many features, including lower environmental impact, reduced consumption of natural resources and minimal energy use in manufacturing and distribution.

“At Americhem, we recognize the earth’s resources are finite, contributing to the growing need to lessen our environmental footprint and to help our customers to do the same,” says Rick Mathew, director of research for Americhem. “We wanted to take responsibility with these products and become proactive partners with our customers in producing next-generation products. The solution is a product line based on renewable, compostable and biodegradable resources.”

Americhem’s current sustainable offerings include defined palettes and technologies for PLA and bio PTT, a PCR renewal additive for PET, nCore chemical blowing agents used for lightweight products and to reduce raw material usage, and natural fibers such as flax used as fillers and for unique aesthetic effects. All sustainable solutions from Americhem can be customized for each customer, taking into account material, production method and other product variables. For more information:

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