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3M introduces new floor pad

June 14, 2012

Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad delivers high-gloss shine.

3M has introduced the Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad 3050, an extremely durable burnishing floor pad engineered to deliver brilliant, high-gloss floors while reducing burn and swirl marks on softer finishes. Designed for use with all high speed electric, battery and propane floor polishing machines, the 3M Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad 3050 has proven to be 50% more durable than competing pads in a controlled testing environment.  A stronger pad means less time spent on machine maintenance and fewer replacement purchases down the line.
Due to its remarkable ability to reduce dust, burning and point build-up when burnishing, the 3M Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad 3050 is ideal for moderate to high traffic areas located within retail environments where floor condition and appearance is critical.  A glossy, blemish-free finish leads to favorable perceptions and can ultimately be a deciding factor in customer retention.
“The Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad 3050 is a fantastic addition to the 3M family of premium burnishing floor pads,” says Ed Michels, Marketing and Development Manager with the 3M™ Building and Commercial Services Division. “It’s extraordinarily durable and delivers a beautiful high-gloss finish in less time – both of which result in valuable labor savings.
Softer floor finishes require frequent burnishing to look their best. The 3M Sky Blue Hi-Performance Burnish Pad 3050 increases image clarity and improves gloss in 18% fewer passes than similar burnishing pads.  Over an extended period, the associated labor savings will have a substantial impact on an operations budget.

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