Non-compliant medical balloon having an integral nonwoven fabric layer

June 6, 2012

A non-compliant medical balloon that is expandable from a deflated state wherein the balloon is folded to an inflated state where the exterior of the balloon comprises a substantially smooth surface, the balloon comprising:

a. a base balloon formed from a substantially inelastic oriented polymer, the base balloon having a generally cylindrical barrel with a substantially fixed first circumference, first and second cylindrical end portions each having a proximate and distal end and a substantially fixed second circumference smaller than the first circumference and first and second transition portions each having a proximate end and a distal end, each transition portion extending from an end of the barrel to a proximate end of one of the cylindrical end portions, the circumference of the transition sections decreasing from the cylindrical barrel to cylindrical end portions, the cylindrical barrel having a wall thickness of less than 0.001 inch;

b. a plurality of substantially inelastic first fibers positioned on the base balloon, the first fibers comprising randomly oriented fibers defining random angles at a plurality of locations where the fibers intersect and cross over each other, the first fibers extending over the cylindrical barrel and transition portions of the balloon;

c. a second, substantially inelastic fiber discrete from the randomly oriented first fibers, the second fiber extending over the balloon between the ends of the cylindrical barrel;

d. an adhesive for attaching the plurality of first fibers to at least the cylindrical barrel and the transition sections;

e. an outer polymeric coating;

f. wherein the length and circumference of the balloon do not undergo a substantial change upon inflation of the balloon from the folded state to the inflated state; and

g. wherein the random angles between the intersecting randomly oriented first fibers are fixed in position relative to the base balloon such that the angle at which each of the randomly oriented fibers intersects another randomly oriented fiber remains constant when the balloon is inflated and deflated.

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