Absorbent article including barrier leg cuff structure and absorbent core with superabsorbent material

June 6, 2012

Patented is an absorbent article comprising: a chassis including a topsheet and a backsheet joined to the topsheet, the chassis having a front waist region, a back waist region, a crotch region located between the front waist region and the back waist region, a longitudinal axis extending through the front and back waist regions and a lateral axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis; a barrier cuff strip extending in a longitudinal direction from the front waist region to the back waist region along the topsheet, the barrier cuff strip including a front end at the front waist region, a back end at the back waist region and proximal and distal edges connecting the front end and the back end, the barrier cuff strip distal edge being attached to the topsheet at a cuff end bond region having an outer bond edge at one of the front and back ends of the barrier cuff strip and an inner bond edge spaced longitudinally from the outer bond edge; and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, the absorbent core including an absorbent layer including an absorbent material comprising a superabsorbent polymer material wherein at least about 60% by weight of the absorbent material is the superabsorbent polymer material; wherein the inner bond edge is longitudinally spaced from the outer bond edge a longitudinal length of about half or more of a longitudinal length of the waist region at which the outer bond edge is located.

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