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Silver-based antimicrobial protective additives

May 15, 2012

Sanitized AG launches new generation of additives for hygene products

Sanitized AG is launching a new generation of silver-based antimicrobial protective additives that deliver effective protection faster than ever before and at concentration loadings lower than previously possible. The new Sanitized Silver products also offer best-yet transparency for applications requiring fast and broad protection against microbes.

The new Sanitized antimicrobial protection package, from the Switzerland-based producer of antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics, completes the Sanitized silver-based product range of natural and safe active ingredients. These ingredients continue to perform after regular and lifetime cleaning measures and inhibit germ growth for optimum hygiene and to prevent unpleasant odors around the clock even when it comes in contact with humidity.

The new Sanitized silver-based antimicrobials are unique in the speed at which they become active in combination with low application concentrations; contributing factors to the additives’ excellent price/performance ratio. The patented technology of silver encapsulated in a glass ceramic material, in combination with a low particle size of the product, delivers one of the highest levels of transparency which, when used in coatings, means quality and aesthetics of the end-use application are not compromised. This technology is effective against a large number of bacteria and remains stable at temperatures up to 500⁰C—far beyond any organic active compounds.

The new products are compatible with a wide range of polymers, in particular polyolefins, polystyrene and polyurethanes, and work also in powder and liquid coatings. The new Sanitized silver-based antimicrobials are ideally suited for applications in a wide range of dynamic and demanding industries and medical applications. Due to their process stability they fit perfectly as a masterbatch (MB) for molding processes. 

This level of flexibility and robustness means that applications such as coatings on furniture and vinyl flooring as well as fibers for carpeting, bedding, mattress covers and pillow filling work easily well alongside cleaning aids such as brooms, mops and cloths. 

For packaging films where the highest levels of hygiene and protection are paramount, through to nonwoven materials that offer security and comfort in automotive seating and interior coverings, Sanitized offers the well-known and accepted protection properties with the added values of speed and economic sustainability. In the world of personal-care, items such as tooth brushes made from hard injection molded plastics can receive the same level of protection as sanitary ware, ranging from basins, toilet seats to bath tubs and shower cubicles. 

The use of silver as an effective antibacterial agent has been known to man since Roman times. In the last 50 years, Sanitized AG has introduced a number of silver-based antimicrobial products that have contributed to our health and well being and can be found in a wide range of applications from fibers to coatings as well as a wide range of molded polymers.

“Silver products have an excellent reputation for a wide range of performance characteristics. The new Sanitized Silver products provide a package of benefits that ensure fast and durable antimicrobial protection while remaining economically sustainable without compromising aesthetics and performance,” comments Maria Toscan, product manager polymers at Sanitized AG.